Things that will impact your speedtest result:

A speedtest is a method to measure the speed of your internet connection between your device and a test server. The best and most accurate possible result should be achieved through a wired connection as compared to Wi-Fi. The below will contribute to the result of your speedtest:-

  1. Your Device

    A speedtest through Phones, tablets, PC and other devices might give you different speedtest results, depending on the device and also the connection (wired vs Wi-Fi).

  1. Speedtest Servers

    There are several speedtest servers that are available. Generally, servers that are located nearest to you will result to faster speed. We would recommend you to use TM’s speedtest at

  1. Browsers

    Different browsers (Firfox, Explorer, Chrome, Edge, Safari, ..etc) have different capabilities and may provide different results, especially on high-speed connections.